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October 2021 Diversity Calendar

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October 2021 Diversity Calendar

October diversity calendar: as autumn truly begins, this month welcomes cooler weather and holiday months. Look ahead and discover what October brings, and events to celebrate in your workplace. Let’s get started.

Note: below is a small sampling of diversity events. To enjoy all 100+ events, inclusion tips and more, see our Diversity Calendar Suite

Global Diversity Awareness Month

October multicultural holidays begin with this tribute to the diverse minds and beliefs of diverse cultures around the world. Now’s the time to open your mind to the values of various cultures, and strengthen both your understanding and appreciation for diversity in the world. Here are some ideas that can help you become more globally aware throughout the month of October:

  • Ensure that your workplace offers cultural competency training online
  • Find a local organization or venue that works with a cultural group you’re interested in learning about. This may include an advocacy group, religious institution, social club, etc. Make a plan to learn more.
  • Ask respectful and open-ended questions to help learn about other cultures.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Also known as NDEAM, this October diversity month honors the contributions of people with disabilities to America’s workplace and economy. This is a great time to educate about disability employment issues in your workplace.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October diversity events include wearing pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Month aims to raise funds for breast cancer research. Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in women. You can show support during this month by making a donation to a breast cancer research foundation.

National Polish American Heritage Month

Since 1986, October has served as National Polish American Heritage Month. This October multicultural calendar was originally in August, but changed to aid participation in schools. October also holds significance for Polish-Americans as this is when Polish settlers first arrived in Jamestown, VA.

10/10: World Mental Health Day

October diversity topics include World Mental Health Day which raises awareness of mental health issues around the world. It provides the opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to discuss their work. It also  advocates for what should be done to make mental healthcare a reality for people worldwide.

10/11: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

October diversity celebrations include this shout out. You probably grew up hearing this holiday called “Columbus Day.” In 1992, Berkeley, CA became the first city to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day, to honor Native American people, their history and culture. Take a stand on this day by supporting indigenous people’s rights organizations.

10/21: LGBTQ+ Spirit Day

October diversity days include Spirit Day. LGBTQ+ youth face a disproportionate amount of bullying and harassment. Spirit Day was created to demonstrate support for LGBTQ+ youth and to speak out against bullying. Wear purple today to show your support!

Final thoughts

Thus concludes our October diversity calendar. There are always ways to participate more fully in your community or learn something new. Enjoy a year-long overview with our 2021 Diversity Calendar. Or get a head start on next year with our Diversity Calendar 2022.

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