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Heritage Months 2024

By: Erich TollDiversity Calendar
Heritage Months 2024

Heritage months are periods in the year that are assigned to different months to celebrate various ethnicities. These are times to celebrate their heritage, but also to educate others about their history and the contributions they’ve made to society. They are extremely helpful for those looking to understand their own culture and others too. A diversity calendar highlights religious holidays, annual observances, and national heritage months throughout the year.

Here we will learn about some of the remaining heritage months 2023 in the United States and upcoming heritage months 2024 that you can find on our Diversity Calendar so you can ensure to celebrate diversity months 2024.

For an entire list, sign up for our Diversity Calendar. For other diversity events, check out our DEI Calendar 2024 Highlights and 2024 Awareness Months.

Heritage Months 2024

Black History Month – February

In Canada and the United States, February is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the rich history, achievements, and contributions of Black individuals and communities. It provides a platform to learn about the profound impact Black Americans and Canadians have had on society and culture.

Greek American Heritage Month – March

Celebrated in March to coincide with their Independence Day which is celebrated on March 25. Throughout the month, learn about how Greek immigrants and their families have impacted American society, whether in business, the arts, or politics.

National Arab American Heritage Month – April

National Arab American Heritage Month recognizes the culture of Arab Americans. It hopes to raise awareness about the diversity of Arab American communities. By fostering a culture of understanding, this allows all Americans, including Arab Americans, to live together with a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Jewish Heritage Month – May

Celebrated each May in both the United States and Canada, Jewish Heritage Month acknowledges the achievements of all Jewish Americans and Canadians. This monthly observance hopes to bring understanding and awareness about the diverse heritage of the community.

Caribbean American Heritage Month – June

June is dedicated to celebrating the vibrant culture, history, and contributions of Caribbean Americans. It’s a time to recognize the diverse Caribbean community and their impact on American society, from music and cuisine to politics and art.

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French American Heritage Month – July

In July, we honor the enduring French influence on American culture and history. This month celebrates the contributions of French Americans to various fields, including literature, cuisine, and architecture, enriching the fabric of American society.

Hispanic Heritage Month – September

Celebrated from September 15 – October 15 annually, this month-long celebration highlights the culture and history of all Hispanic and Latino Americans. Its starting date celebrates the independence of many different Latin American countries like Honduras and Costa Rica.

Hindu Heritage Month – October

Hindu Heritage Month honors the spiritual tradition and culture of Hinduism in the United States. It’s celebrated during a particularly important month for the religion where festivals like Diwali are held. It is also the birth month of Mahatma Gandhi, a Hindu spiritual leader. It hopes to promote awareness for understanding of the unique Hindu customs and practices they follow.

Native American Heritage Month – November

This November, learn about the beautiful history and culture of Native American people. This month hopes to educate about the many distinct languages, traditions, and challenges that Native Americans have faced throughout history. It hopes to promote ongoing support for the Indigenous People community.

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We hope this brief list will be a starting point for you to celebrate diversity months 2024. To learn about more DEI holidays, religious holidays, and more, visit our Diversity Calendar.

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