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Diversity Calendar Benefits

By: ahirai
Online Diversity Training Benefits

Diversity Calendar

Diversity and the Holidays

Holiday Season: Opportunity for Awareness and Inclusion

In our more globalized marketplace, you work with an increasingly diverse and multicultural workforce. November and December provide many opportunities to interact with your workforce around events that are important in their religious and cultural lives.

Keeping track of only standard holidays and events can result in major obstacles to an efficient workplace, and disrupt harmonious relationships between work teams. A comprehensive, robust, interactive, detailed diversity calendar is an essential tool for every organization’s diversity program.

End of Year Holiday Season

This is especially evident during the months of November and December, when it’s easy for managers to overlook many key holidays and events that may be very important to people in the workforce.

This includes Christmas on Dec. 25, which is the top holiday of the world’s most-practiced religion, Christianity. Other people to consider include:
Mexicans – Las Posadas celebrated as part of the Christian holiday of Christmas from Dec. 16 to Dec. 24.
Jews – the key holiday Hanukkah; date varies annually, please see our diversity calendar for this year’s date
Buddhists – Bodhi day, which celebrates the Buddha’s enlightenment, is honored on Dec. 8
Muslims – the dates for Islamic holidays vary widely every year, with some falling toward end of year
• as well as many national holidays and birthdays of diversity notables

Accomodate Needs of Customers, Employees

A diversity calendar is an essential tool for knowing the historical, cultural, and religious events of diverse groups, and their impact on work. Some of these events raise issues of accommodating cultural and religious needs in the workplace. This provides you with an opportunity to anticipate and address such events before they become points of conflict.

Tip: Long-Range Planning Power

A calendar tells us what is going to happen, so the longer the planning power, the better. You need a calendar that offers insights into the next 365 days in a comprehensive and detailed manner. It enables you to better plan ahead, and prevent obstacles to scheduling, workforce effectiveness, and productivity.

Tip: Suggestions for Celebration

A good calendar also features suggestions and materials for celebrating events. For example, these include suggestions for foods enjoyed as part of these celebrations, and recipes providing opportunities to integrate some of these practices into the workplace in a way that all can participate. This fosters creating a more culturally competent workforce in an increasingly global marketplace.

You and your team need awareness of diverse events, and their importance to diverse people, Otherwise, your organization misses opportunities to improve employee engagement with the company’s mission, and to build on each person’s contribution to the organization’s competitiveness.


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