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Diversity Calendar Themes

Select from USA, Canada or Global Themes to Reflect Your Focus

Take personalization to the next level with the Plus and Pro subscriptions of the Diversity Calendar and align it with your preferred geographical focus. Choose a theme that resonates with your organization, and see it reflected across your event preferences, web calendar banner, monthly PDF banners, and monthly email signature banners, creating a unified and personalized experience month after month.

Unlock exclusive features with our Plus subscription, offering you a choice between three vibrant default banner themes:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Global

For those wanting a higher degree of customization, our Pro subscription opens up more possibilities. This option allows you to handpick three special events every month, tailoring your web calendar banner, monthly PDFs, and monthly email signature banner to mirror those choices, offering a narrative that’s uniquely yours throughout the year.

USA Theme

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the USA’s diverse cultures, traditions, and historic milestones.

Diversity Calendar - USA Theme

Canada Theme

From coast to coast, celebrate Canada’s multicultural fabric and the events that shape this vibrant nation.

Diversity Calendar - Canada Theme

Global Theme

Take a worldwide journey through global events, appreciating the depth and breadth of humanity’s shared experiences.

Diversity Calendar - Global Theme

Make your choice today and embrace a calendar that aligns with your preferences, fostering diversity and inclusivity every day.

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