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October 2020 Diversity Calendar

By: Erich TollDiversity Blog
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October 2021 Diversity Calendar

Following is a small selection of this month’s diversity events. To enjoy all 100+ events and religious holidays, view our Diversity Calendar suite

October ushers in fall weather and Halloween. It’s also full of diversity holidays that you can celebrate as a community. Our October 2020 Diversity Calendar lists 7 key events this month:

Global Diversity Awareness Month

Our October multicultural calendar includes this celebration, designed to increase awareness and acceptance of diverse cultures. As the world becomes increasingly diverse, cultures and customs need to join together. And this month help your employees the tools they need for working with cultures, with our online diversity training.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Our October diversity topics include National Disability Employment Awareness, promoting awareness of employment for people with disabilities. This month dates back to 1945 when Congress declared the first week of October “National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week.” It has since been expanded to a full month, aiming to inspire full integration of people with disabilities into the workplace.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Its goal is to increase awareness of the disease and get women the help they need. You can take part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by visiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation and downloading their free Dense Breast Q&A Guide, making a one-time (or monthly!) gift, or hosting a fundraiser to benefit the NBCF. Visit here for more information.

National Italian American Heritage Month

This October diversity month honors the more than 26 million Italian-Americans living in the United States. As the seventh-largest ethnic group, this month celebrates the unique cultural contributions they have made to the country. To celebrate, try making a few new Italian dishes you’ve never tried before.

October 6: German American Heritage Day

October diversity events include German-American Day, first proclaimed by President Reagan in 1983. This date marked the 300th anniversary of the founding of Germantown. While historical research has shown that nearly all of the first thirteen Quaker and Mennonite families that immigrated were Dutch (instead of German), this day has continued to be observed with German-themed activities.

October 6: Birthday of Fannie Lou Hamer

October diversity days include the birthday of Fannie Lou Hamer, a grass-roots civil rights activist in the 1950s and 1960s. She was one of the first Black Americans to register to vote after working hard in Mississippi for voting rights. She ran for Congress in 1964 – although unsuccessfully. On October 6, we celebrate Fannie as an activist who recognized that America’s vision of democracy was in great need of progress.

October 29, 2020: Mawlid

October multicultural holidays include Mawlid, an Islamic holiday celebrating the birth of prophet Muhammad. It was declared an official holiday by the Ottomans in 1588, and later approved by most denominations of Islam as the commemoration of Muhammad’s birthday. Today the date is recognized as a national holiday in most Muslim-majority countries.

Final thoughts

And thus concludes our October 2020 diversity celebrations! Get a head start on next month, with our November 2020 Diversity Calendar. And to discover more awesome cultures and holidays, enjoy our 2020 Diversity Calendar.

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