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LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Transform Your Workplace with LGBT Training

By: Erich TollDiversity Training
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LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Transform Your Workplace with LGBT Training

Over the past few years, workplace inclusion for LGBTQ+ individuals has become a top priority. The law protects employees against workplace discrimination and harassment based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Employment decisions such as recruitment and hiring can’t be based on these traits, and people can’t be discriminated against or harassed in the workplace because of them either. But that doesn’t mean every workplace is as welcoming as the next.

“Inclusion” means embracing all people for who they are and the talents they bring to the table. LGBTQ+ — lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer — individuals are among those that bring unique traits and talents to any organization. The “+” seeks to recognize all the sexual orientations and gender identities along the spectrum, even if they’re not perfectly named in those categories.

Although marked progress has been made in the inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals over the past 50 years, 75 percent of employees identifying as LGBTQ+ have reported negative daily interactions at work related to their identity. LGBT training in the workplace can help address this statistic. Implementing LGBT competency or LGBT ally training heightens awareness of policies and practices that your organization has implemented to foster a safe environment for all.

LGBT training in the workplace can also help employers to create an atmosphere in which their employees bring their best and most authentic selves to work. When people feel safe, they’re not only more productive, but they offer higher engagement and more creative thinking.

LGBT Online Training

Take our 15-minute LGBT online training course today! This course introduces employees to the challenges that members of the LGBTQ+ community face. Taking an LGBT ally training teaches how individuals can form positive relationships with LGBTQ+ colleagues. This LGBT training resource highlights recent statistics, short videos, and viewer tweets to help participants learn how to be an ally to others while avoiding assumptions, stereotypes, and negative behaviors.

Our LGBT competency training covers the following information:

  • LGBTQ+ terminology and concepts for how people identify themselves
  • Workplace issues, behaviors, and assumptions that affect LGBTQ+ employees
  • Practical insights and actions to help you support LGBTQ+ teammates
  • Various ways to be an LGBT ally through word and action
  • A LGBT training certification is awarded upon completion of the course

LGBT training in the workplace can help prevent discrimination and harassment while transforming your team into allies.

Frequently asked – Can anyone be a LGBT Ally? Watch our short video for more!

The Difference

We provide a modern and interactive approach to LGBT competency training that helps organizations create a safe, ethical, and inclusive work culture. Our LGBT training resources are mobile optimized for access on any device, and we offer customization for your organization’s policies, branding, culture, and leadership message

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