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November Awareness and Heritage Months 2024

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Calendar
November Awareness and Heritage Months 2024

Looking for November awareness months 2024? Here’s an overview of the awareness and heritage months in November to help you celebrate inclusion at work.

Heritage months and awareness months are great ways for organizations to learn more about their staff by encouraging them to share personal stories regarding different cultures or medical conditions. Every month, we feature different causes to begin important conversations regarding the diverse world we live in.

November hosts a large variety of awareness months and heritage months to discuss. This blog offers a sneak peek into some of the themed months featured in our DEI Calendar. Get a free trial to see all of the events we feature

November Heritage Months 2024

Native American Heritage Month

It’s a time dedicated to learning about the unique history, diverse cultures, and contributions that Native Americans have made to society. They have distinct traditions and languages that are connected to their ancestral land. Celebrate their culture all month long while bringing awareness to the hardship including assimilation and displacement they have faced in history.

November Awareness Months 2024

National Veterans and Military Families Month

November is a time to honor those who have served in the military and the families who made sacrifices. It’s an opportunity to give respect to their commitment to protecting American freedoms.

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Six million Americans live with Alzheimer’s Disease and almost three million new cases are diagnosed annually. This progressive and deadly brain disease has no cure. However, researchers are still working hard to discover its cause. This month, we celebrate those living with the disease, their caregivers, and the healthcare professionals who treat them.


Every November, men grow their mustaches to raise awareness about men’s health issues like suicide or prostate cancer. The awareness month hopes to educate about the importance of early cancer detection as prostate cancer doesn’t typically have any warning signs or early-stage symptoms.

Learn More About November Awareness and Heritage Months 2024

When you take time to learn about others around you, you’re making the world a better place. Observing these diversity events and DEI days is a chance to participate in valuable and powerful conversations that expand your perspectives of others.

Our Diversity Calendar 2024 and Interfaith Calendar 2024 are helpful tools to help guide you through the year’s countless diversity holidays. To see all our important diversity events, subscribe to our online Diversity Calendar.

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