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How to Make Diversity Training Work and Create Effective Inclusion

By: Erich TollDiversity Training
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How to Make Diversity Training Work and Create Effective Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two important concepts for any organization across the globe. These DEI efforts, in combination with diversity training, can dramatically improve how a business runs, how productive a team is, and how much money you earn. When you’re considering implementing diversity training at your organization, understanding the benefits of diversity training in the workplace will help you persuade senior team members to embrace it.

Benefits of Diversity Training

1. Avoid costly lawsuits.

When your team learns about microaggressions and unconscious biases at work, it creates a better culture of understanding. A diversity calendar can help you effectively schedule important cultural and religious events.

2. Reduce retention rate.

Another benefit of diversity training is that you’ll retain the best possible talent. When your employees feel understood, heard, and valued, they develop a strong sense of belonging, which is important to any inclusive workspace. When employees feel happy, they’ll be more productive too.

3. Enhance reputation.

Companies that focus on DEI strategies tend to have a better reputation. The fastest way to instill the benefits of diversity training in the workplace is with online diversity training.

The best online diversity training program is interactive and engaging. It is also customizable, tracks scores and compliance, and offers a Certificate of Completion too.

Implement a Diversity Calendar

Combined with online diversity training, having a diversity calendar that is easy to integrate with your company’s calendar is important. Here are some important features of a calendar that make it so beneficial:

Monthly Themes: There are dozens of monthly diversity heritage themes throughout the year, such as Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and LGBT Pride Month. These occasions provide great opportunities to recognize and celebrate different diversity groups.

Religious Events: Since many employees identify with a religion, a diversity calendar can help you with flexible scheduling for religious holidays.

Notable Birthdays: A diversity calendar can also celebrate the birthdays of prominent figures, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Tim Cook, and Roberto Goizueta.

To make diversity and inclusion a reality in your workplace, use these calendar events as opportunities for learning about inclusion. This continues the culture of understanding and acceptance.

Diversity Training FAQs

How Do You Make Your Diversity Training Efforts Effective?
To implement a successful diversity training program, you should consider making it a daily practice.Set clear training goals that align with your organization’s mission and values. Additionally, gaining support from employees at all levels is crucial.

Do Diversity Training Programs Work?

There are proven benefits of implementing diversity training programs in the workplace. Some include increased productivity, reduced retention rate, and an overall sense of belonging. This acceptance culture creates a place where all employees can thrive.

What Are Some Key Steps To Having a Successful Diversity Program?

To have a successful diversity program, it’s essential to set clear goals and communicate them effectively throughout your organization. Make diversity training an ongoing and integrated part of your workplace culture, not just a one-time event. Customizing your training to suit your organization’s unique needs, industry, and workforce is crucial for relevance and effectiveness.

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