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Diversity and Inclusion Activities in the Workplace

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Calendar
Diversity and Inclusion Activities in the Workplace

A workplace that embraces diversity and inclusion thrives on the collaboration of employees from different backgrounds. Engaging in diversity and inclusion activities in the workplace not only encourages staff to learn about each other but also creates a strong sense of belonging that is so important in diverse workplaces.

There are a few team-building activities that help to promote inclusion while bringing everyone together. Research shows that employees become more engaged after bonding with their team, so hosting diversity and inclusion activities in the workplace can transform your organization by improving relationships, increasing engagement and boosting morale.

Ideas for Diversity and Inclusion Activities in the Workplace

#1 Diversity Briefings

Managers can do monthly briefings to discuss different awareness months, heritage months, religious holidays, or holy days. These sessions promote cultural competency, which fosters better understanding among team members.

#2 Story Links

Leverage internal communication tools to facilitate diversity discussions. Create a platform where all employees can share commonalities. For instance, if someone says they are from India, another employee might share that their experience visiting India. This encourages respectful conversations about their commonalities and differences, making each person feel heard and accepted.

#3 Host Mini DEI Events

Use common areas for small events for different cultural celebrations or religious events. For instance, celebrate Diwali at work by decorating it with traditional colors, catering some food, and playing some traditional music.

#4 Use a Diversity Calendar

A diversity calendar is a valuable resource that can help revolutionize how a business approaches DEI initiatives. It is a comprehensive place for all DEI events, religious holidays, monthly themes, and awareness months 2024. It also allows for inclusive scheduling, respecting others’ cultures and religions when planning meetings.

#5 Play the Step Apart, Step Together Game

This diversity and inclusion activity shows the similarities and differences among staff members. Start by having two staff members face each other while the rest of the team calls out descriptors like hair color, place of birth, religion, and gender. The team members take a step apart when they have something different, but they step back together when they have something in common. The lesson is that while two people can be very different, they usually do have similarities to bring them back together.

#6 Play the I Am But I’m Not Game

This diversity game helps to dispel stereotypes and unconscious biases. It starts with each person taking a piece of paper and making two columns, one with “I am” and the other with “I am not”. Participants share statements  like “I am a woman, but I’m not a mother” or “I am Mexican, but I am not an illegal immigrant.”

#7 Plan a Heritage Potluck

Celebrate heritage months 2024, highlighting different heritages each month, such as Indian, Italian, Polish, or German. Each person can bring something that is inspired by their family tradition and their staple foods.

How DEI Events Help Boost Morale

Diversity and inclusion activities in the workplace should be a priority for any business. Your DEI program and initiatives play an important role in promoting a sense of belonging and acceptance. These events help you achieve just that. Learn about 1,000+ DEI events by using our diversity calendar.


What are DEI activities?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion activities are things that you can do with your staff or colleagues to promote a positive workplace culture that values each person. This is regardless of their faith, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or ability. This helps to create an important sense of belonging that allows a team to thrive and collaborate productively.

What is a fun game for diversity and inclusion?

One great icebreaker game is called Guess Who. Ask team members different questions about themselves. One question you could include: “What’s your favorite dish from your specific culture?” After asking these questions to every team member, present the questions and answers to the team and allow them to guess who said which answer. It’s fun and helps your team to learn more about each other.

How can I make my DEI training fun?

To make DEI training fun, you can celebrate diversity holidays or host activities that celebrate a specific theme month like Women’s History Month. Heritage months are theme months that celebrate a specific culture. Ask your staff to bring in their favorite dish from their culture in their respective heritage month and share some stories of some of their traditions.

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