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2023 DEI Trends

By: Erich TollDiversity Blog
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2023 DEI Trends

We’re already well into the second quarter of 2023 and most companies should be ramping up their diversity and inclusion efforts. If you’re part of the diversity and inclusion team for your company, here are some global DEI trends you should keep an eye out for this year. 2023 will continue to build on and improve what you worked on this past year by maximizing employee involvement and pushing you to create an even more cohesive DEI strategy.

Continuous DEI training

Too many companies look at DEI training as a checkbox. Some will host a once-a-year DEI workshop that every employee must attend. Others do even less. They mandate everyone do an online diversity training when they onboard, and then never again.

DEI is a dialogue that your employees must continuously engage in. If you’re not constantly talking and changing your message depending on what’s presently affecting company culture or the world, you can’t expect to create sustainable change.

Going forward, companies will cease to host one-off training and instead try to integrate DEI training more regularly. This will create a real culture surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Encouraging everyone to get involved in DEI

In the past, there’s been a lot of emphasis on encouraging people of color to lead conversations surrounding DEI. As they have more lived experiences on the topic, it makes sense to many that they would be the ones to lead discussions.

However, 2023 will see a trend toward encouraging everyone, regardless of their social indicators, to get involved with DEI. Talented leaders of all backgrounds can help develop data-driven DEI strategies. Everyone should advocate for a diverse and inclusive environment.

This year will take an “all-hands-on-deck” approach while still welcoming individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to help as much as they’re willing and able to.

Constructing a clear diversity and inclusion strategy

Many companies and organizations recognize that DEI is important, but they don’t know where to start. Sometimes, their DEI programs begin with a bit of a piecemeal approach. Someone suggests getting some diversity days on the calendar, or there may be a speaker or two that does a workshop annually. There’s not much thought behind it. The events related to diversity, equity, and inclusion just kind of happen.

However, DEI can suffer when it’s done haphazardly. The best programs are implemented thoughtfully. If you’re on the DEI leadership team, consider the following as you begin to create a cohesive plan for 2023:

  1. Key performance indicators about hiring, retention, advancement, etc. of diversity talent
  2. Clear responsibilities for diversity events and goals
  3. Expectations about how to implement your diversity strategy
  4. The tools and resources needed to bring your outlined DEI strategy to life

Final Thoughts

The new year is ushering in a new face for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This year, companies will focus on implementing a tangible diversity strategy and making everyone feel as though they can contribute. If you need a place to start, a diversity calendar is always a strong way to integrate consistent talking points regarding DEI into your company culture.

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And make sensitivity a part of your workplace, 365 days a year, with a Diversity and Inclusion Calendar

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