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September Diversity Calendar 2023

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Calendar
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September Diversity Calendar 2023

Below you’ll find a small sampling of our September diversity calendar events – to see all 100+ events this year, see our interactive online DEI Calendar.

Summer is ending and a new school year is upon us. This fall celebrates recovery efforts and the Hispanic community. September is also a month of many religious celebrations that members of your staff may resonate with. Take some time to learn about these important days with our Diversity Calendar 2023.

In our monthly samples, we aim to share September awareness days, September diversity days, September heritage months, September high holy days, September religious holidays, and religious festivals.

Celebrated Themes

Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrated from September 15 – October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month honors the rich culture, history, and contributions of Americans with roots in the Caribbean, Spain, Mexico, Central, and South America. It was first established in 1968 by President Lyndon B. Johnson. September 15 is significant as it is the anniversary of the independence of many Central American countries.

National Recovery Month

Starting in 1989, this national observance is intended to promote and support treatment and recovery practices. In 2022, the theme “Every Person. Every Family. Every Community” was adopted as a permanent tagline, reflecting the ongoing commitment to helping anyone struggling with addiction and fostering recovery nationwide.

Monthly Standouts

September 6: Arbaeen

Also meaning 40th day, Arabaeen marks the 40th day after the Day of Ashura when Hussain ibn Ali, a revolutionary leader fighting for social justice, was killed during the Battle of Karbala. It is believed on this day that Hussain’s family returned home to honor and mourn those lost during the battle. Large marches are conducted to symbolize the impact of his revolution on the future of his people.

September 15 – 17: Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish New Year is celebrated with reflection, worship, and meals among family and friends. It is observed on the first and second days of the month Tishrei, the first month in the Jewish calendar.

September 20: HeForShe

Initiated by the United Nations, this movement advocates for gender equality. Its mission is to unite people of all genders in the pursuit of equality for all.

September 24 – 25: Yom Kippur

It is one of the two main Jewish High Holy Days. Occurring on the 10th of the month of Tishrei, it focuses on repentance and atonement. Fasting and intense prayer are common during this religious observance.

September 26 – 27: Mawlid al-Nabi

The birthday of the Prophet Muhammad is celebrated on the 12th day of Rabi’ al-Awwal.

Learn more about religious holidays and celebrations with our Interfaith Calendar.

September 29 – October 6: Sukkot

This week is dedicated to the Israelites that spent time in the wild in huts, or sukkahs, after they were freed from slavery in Egypt.

September 29 – October 14: Pitru Paksha

These 16 Hinduism holy days are dedicated to offering prayers and food for the souls of Hindu ancestors. It is seen as a way to honor and repay the debt (dharma) owed to ancestors for their happiness and well-being.

Learn more about September diversity days with our Diversity Calendar 2023.

Don’t Forget To….

Help your employees to learn more about their colleagues by celebrating a variety of different religious and national days throughout the year. By making your workplace more engaging, your staff will feel accepted, which leads to increased productivity and morale. With monthly themes, you can help raise awareness for causes that may be important to your staff too.

This wraps up our September Diversity Calendar. Remaining informed about these important dates will ensure that you not only continue to learn and grow, but you help facilitate a diverse culture in your workplace. Learn more about different religious and cultural observances through our Online Diversity Calendar.

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