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Online Diversity Training Benefits

By: ahiraiDiversity Training
DEI Training Courses

The idea of DEI training courses is becoming more and more popular because there are so many benefits to DEI training and diversity in the workplace. With an ever-increasing emphasis on DEI training, DEI professionals are choosing to implement online diversity training courses that perform. Because of online DEI training benefits, it’s one of the fastest-growing training areas.

Here we will explore some of its many advantages.

Lower Costs

Compared to traditional live DEI training, it costs much less. Also, there are no travel costs. The IRS estimates that 70% of its training budget is spent on travel, facility rental, and loss of productivity.

Higher Productivity

Live training requires employers to take off a half or full day of work. However, online DEI training courses can be done in shorter segments during downtime and minimize loss of productivity. It also makes it easier for your employees to complete the training and ensures that they will.

Bias Honesty

The anonymity online DEI training courses guarantees a high level of comfort in dealing with difficult issues to discuss like racial discrimination or sexual harassment. Trainees report they’re more honest about their own stereotypes when online, rather than in a roomful of co-workers.


Online diversity can be done when training is more convenient for the trainee rather than on a predetermined basis. DEI training courses can be done at any time of the day or night, depending on their schedule.

Greater Retention

Companies can increase retention and awareness by offering courses over time or by offering refresher courses.

Clear Metrics

Pre and post-tests are incorporated into online DEI training courses by offering quantitative proof of learning and ROI. This data is harder to collect and access in live training.

Scheduling Flexibility

Employees have an extended period of time to complete the training and can return and refresh as needed.

DEI Training Courses FAQs

What are basic DEI training courses?
Basic diversity training helps to create a culture of belonging where respect and empathy are felt in your workplace.

How do you train employees for diversity?
You train employees for diversity by being proactive in developing diverse teams. Reinforce these values daily. The goal is to create a culture of inclusion and celebrate diversity daily.

How often should diversity training take place?
This training should be done regularly to ensure that diversity training and its goals and concepts are remembered daily and practiced.

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