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Mental Health Group Activities to Try at Work

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Insights
Mental Health Group Activities to Try at Work

Discover group activities for Mental Health Awareness Month to boost workplace well-being and support your team’s mental health.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While prioritizing your staff’s mental health and well-being should always be important, this month organize activities for mental health to support your team. Millions face the reality of living with mental illness. It’s a great time to raise awareness and help reduce the mental health stigma.

In this blog, we give you several ways to bring mental health awareness into your workplace while encouraging employees to get the help they need.

Mental Health Group Activities

There are countless activities for mental health that your staff will enjoy participating in all year long.

Talking about mental health in the workplace and holding these powerful mental health group activities help to:

  • Foster psychological safety
  • Build team morale
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Increase the likelihood that people will seek support
  • Boost happiness

Participate in a Stress Reduction Workshop

Stress initiates a fight or flight response, which can cause chronic physical and emotional symptoms. A stress reduction workshop can benefit every staff member by teaching healthy ways of handling stress at work and home.

Create a Well-Being Space

It can be as simple as setting up a space for meditation, a stretching area, or even an adult coloring book station for break times. By creating this place to destress during off times, you showcase your commitment to supporting your team’s mental health.

Focus on Team Building

Whether it’s a water balloon toss or a hula hoop contest, getting outdoors and being physically active have proven benefits for reducing stress and anxiety. It’s also sure to generate laughter and togetherness in your team.

It’s Yoga Time

Yoga not only stretches the body but also the mind. Have a local yoga instructor teach your staff about deep breathing and yoga poses. This helps them learn to quiet their minds while moving their body in a healthy activity.

Random Acts of Kindness

Research shows that doing kind acts for others benefits their mental health. Whether it’s bringing a coffee to a colleague or helping a team member with a task they don’t enjoy, this can help boost morale in the workplace exponentially.

Empower Your Staff This May

This May, let’s work together to raise awareness, promote understanding, and give support for important mental health initiatives. All these activities for mental health have the power to impact your workplace and the world. Work together to nurture a culture of empathy that brings hope to those living with or affected by mental illness.

Learn how to support mental health in your workplace with a Diversity Calendar featuring events that celebrate different cultures, religions, and abilities.

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