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May 2020 Diversity Calendar

By: Erich TollBlogs

Below you’ll find a small sampling of this month’s diversity events. To view all 100+ events and religious observances, see our Diversity Calendar suite.

May continues the changing of seasons from colder weather to warmer temperatures – so it’s also the start of new beginnings and changing mindsets.

To remember the importance of diversity, our May 2020 Diversity Calendar features holidays dedicated to inclusivity. Topics include religion, health, and identity. We’ve listed 6 multicultural events to help you schedule around these dates out of respect for this who practice, in addition to other dates that are great opportunities to celebrate these different groups alongside them.

1. Mental Health Awareness Month

May diversity topics include mental health. Starting in May of 1949 in the United States, Mental Health Awareness Month honors millions of people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. This holiday is dedicated to destigmatizing the negativity of mental health and promotes support to those diagnosed, along with their families. To learn more about how you can help normalize mental health in the workplace, check out our workplace mental health videos.

2. Jewish American Heritage Month

Our May diversity month includes this heritage observance. Designated as a holiday on April 20, 2006, President George W. Bush dedicated May as Jewish American Heritage Month. It celebrates and honors the heritage of those who played integral roles in developing our current society. Throughout the month, there will be celebrations, art/history exhibits at local museums, teaching lessons and more. For more information, visit the official website here.

3. Older Americans Month

This holiday was created to honor older generations present in society who have impacted our country for generations. Choosing to celebrate those who have made an impact aids in understanding and appreciation. To learn more, the Older Americans Month website offers a plethora of information.

4. May 4 – LGBTQ+: Keith Haring (1959-1990)

Haring’s birthday is among our May diversity days. Best known for his “pop” art accentuating color and curvy details, Keith Haring created public work portraying people and connections for everyone to love. Using these motifs, he created work to support the AIDS awareness campaign, and soon thereafter, he started the Keith Haring Foundation. Learn more about how you, too, can be an ally with the Anyone Can Be an Ally video.

5. May 5 – Mexican American: Cinco de Mayo

Our May multicultural calendar includes this Mexican American holiday. This holiday honors the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, establishing the country’s independence. Celebrate by creating authentic cuisine, appreciate Mexican art, and attend local fiestas.

6. May 13 – Black American: Stevie Wonder

Our May diversity celebrations conclude with Stevie Wonder’s birthday. On this day in Black History, revolutionary and beloved blind musician Wonder was born. This day is celebrated to honor not only a Black icon, but also an American symbol who changed music as we know it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our May 2020 Diversity Calendar. Get a head start on next month with our June 2020 Diversity Calendar. Or the rest of the year when you read our exclusive 2020 Diversity Calendar.

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