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June Diversity Calendar 2024

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Calendar
June Diversity Calendar 2024

In this blog, you’ll find some June diversity calendar 2024 holidays to celebrate. For all of this month’s DEI events or multicultural holidays, see our interactive online DEI Calendar.

June is full of important heritage and awareness months, religious holidays, and other diversity days. Every month, we share some of the events on our DEI resource as a means to show you what you would enjoy every month when subscribing to our calendar. Make sure to also check out our Diversity Calendar 2024 and Interfaith Calendar 2024 highlights.

NOTE: If an event is denoted with a *, it starts the evening before.

May Diversity Calendar 2024 Highlights

LGBTQ+ Pride Month – June

June is recognized as LGBTQ+ Pride Month, honoring the Stonewall Riots of June 1969, which were a catalyst for the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world. It’s a time to celebrate the progress made towards equality while acknowledging the ongoing struggles of the LGBTQ+ community.

Caribbean American Heritage Month – June

June is also Caribbean American Heritage Month, celebrating the rich and diverse culture of the Caribbean and its diaspora. It acknowledges the significant contributions that Caribbean Americans have made to American society.

Loving Day – June 12

Celebrate the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia in 1967 that struck down all anti-miscegenation laws that were remaining in 16 states. These laws banned interracial marriage until this ruling.

Autistic Pride Day – June 18

Today is a day to celebrate the autistic community. By understanding neurodiversity in the workplace, we can offer accommodations that make work easier for all employees.

JuneteenthJune 19

Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. It marks the day in 1865 when the news of the Emancipation Proclamation finally reached the last group of slaves in Texas. This day is a reflection on the struggles for freedom and equality, as well as a celebration of Black American culture.

Summer Solstice – June 21

Summer’s here! It’s the longest day of the year, so make sure you enjoy a summer activity like a BBQ or picnic and maybe even some swimming too.

Stonewall Rebellion – June 28

Also known as the Stonewall Riots, this event in LGBTQ+ rights movement history occurred at the Stonewall Inn in NYC’s Greenwich Village. It was a gay bar that was unlawfully raided by police. This is a great time to reflect on the support you can provide your LGBTQ+ employees.

Final Thoughts

June is packed with interesting diversity days to celebrate. Take some time to read our monthly snippet of our diversity calendar to learn more about other important days this month. Look for our July Diversity Calendar 2024 blog next month for more important DEI events for all of 2024.

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