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January Interfaith Calendar 2024

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Calendar
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January Interfaith Calendar 2024

Below you’ll find a small sample of some of our January interfaith calendar 2024 events – to see all of our events, subscribe to our interactive online DEI Calendar.

Our January Interfaith Calendar 2024 offers an inclusive look at the most popular religious holidays, high holy days, and religious festivals. Every month, we focus on different events to allow our readers to learn more about other religions and their most important holidays and festivals.

Please note that if a holiday begins the evening before, we will mark it with an asterisk (*).

January Interfaith Calendar 2024 Highlights

Sikh: Lohri – January 13

Sikhs celebrate this popular Punjabi folk festival in Northern India. It marks the passing of the winter solstice and the end of winter and welcomes longer days.

Hindu: Makar Sankranti – January 15

This religious harvest festival celebrated by Hindus is also associated with the end of the winter solstice. During this time, Hindus across India make pilgrimages to holy rivers to purify themselves of their sins. In Gujarat, kite flying is popular where colorful kites are flown as a tribute to the Sun God.

Baha’i: World Religion Day – January 24

This day promotes interfaith understanding and fosters the importance of unity among different religions. It encourages people of all faiths to come together and learn about one another.

Buddhist: Mahayana New Year – January 25

This festival is celebrated by Mahayana Buddhists. It marks the beginning of a new year and is observed with prayers, meditation, and chanting.

Jewish: Tu Bishvat – January 25

The Jewish New Year for Tree is an ecological holiday celebrated by Jewish communities to honor and appreciate nature. It marks the beginning of a new agricultural cycle and is often associated with planting trees.

Did You Know?

When you take the time to learn about those around you, you help the world to become a more respectful and understanding place. In the workplace, staff members may be made of different genders, religions, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. These differences are what make us unique.

Our Diversity Calendar 2024 is an important resource to use to not only learn more about those around you but also to help you with inclusive scheduling throughout the year. To learn more about our valuable DEI calendar, enjoy a free trial of our interactive DEI Calendar.

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