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March Diversity Calendar

Women’s History Month, Religious Observances, Global Holidays and More!

For the most current events, see our March 2021 Diversity Calendar

March is springing forth with diversity events affecting the workplace, and calling for awareness and respect. Some key events are listed below.

Women’s History Month

Leading our March diversity calendar is Women’s History Month, first proclaimed by congress in 1987. Help ensure a respectful and safe workplace for women, with our online interactive harassment training.

A special Presidential Proclamation is issued every year which honors the extraordinary achievements of American women. March has also been designated by presidential decree to draw attention to – and rectify – the limited focus on women in historical studies. Each year, the National Women’s History Project sets a unique theme.

March also marks the international recognition of women with International Women’s Day on March 8.

March Birthdays of Important American Women

Notable women with birthdays in March include:

  • Blanche K. Bruce on March 1, the only African American to serve a full term in the Senate during Reconstruction
  • Harriet Tubman, born on March 13, the “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, a clandestine system for helping slaves escape to freedom in the North
  • [Edna] Marie Faulk Rudisill, born March 13, a writer and television personality, and aunt of the novelist Truman Capote, who compiled the recipes of Capote’s great-aunt into a cookbook called Sook’s Cookbook: Memories and Traditional Receipts from the Deep South
  • Dorothy Height, born March 24, a civil rights activist and pioneer in the civil rights movement, whose activism spanned three-quarters of a century from the Roosevelt administration to the election of President Barack Obama.

March Religious Holidays Affecting Work

March diversity celebrations includes key religious holidays. One such holiday is Holi, when most Hindus refrain from work. Since Hindus make up 14 percent of religious adherents world-wide, it’s important to keep this holiday in mind when scheduling events and meetings during March.

As with many religious holidays, the date on which Holi is celebrated varies from year to year; please consult our diversity calendar for this year’s date.

New Years in March? Diverse Calendars

Other March diversity month events include… New Years! While western calendars run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, calendars based on other cultural traditions start their year at different times. In the month of March, the Sikh and Zoroastrian faiths – as well as Iranians – all celebrate the new year. Observers refrain from work on these respective new years.

March Public Holidays Affecting Global Business

There are more than 20 public holidays occurring in March: some countries affected by business closures include Mexico, Japan, Ireland, South Africa, and Vietnam.

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