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April 2021 Diversity Calendar

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Our April multicultural calendar brings together a diverse group of days that can help your inclusion efforts blossom this spring. Below you’ll discover a variety of must-know diversity topics, celebrations, and multicultural holidays.

Note: below is a small sampling of diversity events. To enjoy all 100+ events, inclusion tips and more, see our diversity awareness calendar suite

Celebrate Diversity Month

April diversity month is our theme for 2021. Established in 2004, it’s designated as a time to help diverse people gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other. Throughout this month, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the diversity that surrounds you. Take time to recognize the diversity in your workplace, school, neighborhood or home. One of the ways you can do this is by supporting minority-owned businesses. Or boost inclusion in your workplace by exploring diverse types of diversity training in the workplace.

4/2: World Autism Awareness Day

In 2021, the international community will celebrate the 14th annual World Autism Awareness Day. This April diversity day seeks to recognize people with autism and improve their lives so they can live fully and meaningfully. On this day and throughout the month, educational activities will take place to increase the understanding and acceptance of people with autism. The goal is fostering worldwide support and inspiring a more inclusive world.

4/4: Easter

April diversity events include this major religious holy day. Also called Resurrection Sunday, Easter is a festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It’s one of the two most important holy days in Christianity, the world’s #1 most-practiced religion. For more religious holidays, see our 2021 Interfaith Calendar.

4/8: Buddha’s Birth

Our April multicultural calendar includes the Buddha’s birthday. It’s a holiday for both celebration and reflection for Buddhists. Prince Siddhartha Gautama was first royalty and later became a spiritual leader. He launched Buddhism, which remains one of the most popular religions today. The exact date of Buddha’s birth depends on the calendar you’re looking at. However, the Gregorian calendar always places Buddha’s birth on April 8.

4/12: Ramadan

April multicultural holidays include the first day of Islam’s most sacred month. During Ramadan, Muslims are expected to observe a strict fast from dawn until dusk, which means they’re not allowed to eat, drink, chew gum, smoke cigarettes, or engage in sexual activity. Often, Muslims will eat both a pre-fast meal (shur) and a post-fast meal (iftar) with a snack in between. Help create a more respectful workplace for Muslims and others with online interactive harassment training for employees

4/22: Earth Day

April diversity topics include our home, the Earth! Every year on this day, 192 countries celebrate the modern environmental movement. Earth Day was first established in 1970, and that means we’ve just passed more than 50 years of environmental advocacy. Today, pick one thing that you can do for the environment: go pick up litter in your community, conserve water, or stop consuming meat/dairy for the day.

4/23-24: Gathering of Nations

The Gathering of Nations is considered North America’s biggest “pow wow” for more than 500 Native American tribes. Each year, these tribes meet to celebrate their traditions and cultures. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event will be virtual. You can find out more about the virtual live-streamed event here.

Final thoughts

That concludes our April 2021 Diversity Calendar, an opportunity to engage with diverse communities. Mark these April multicultural holidays on your calendar and take action to remind yourself of the importance of diversity.

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