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January Awareness Months 2024

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Calendar
January Awareness Months 2024

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace allows employees to learn, grow, and collaborate effectively. A Diversity Calendar is a powerful resource to help you in this journey,  various monthly themes, cultural awareness days, DEI holidays, and religious holidays. Many themes are celebrated monthly to help raise awareness about important causes and even different heritages. January Awareness Months focus mostly on health-related topics. In addition to the January Awareness Months below, you can get an overview of some other important month-long observances in our Heritage Months 2024 and Awareness Months 2024 articles.

January Awareness Months 2024

National Blood Donor Month

January is a time to acknowledge those who donate blood or who pledge to. It is a great time to schedule a donation as it is usually when blood is in short supply. The first National Blood Donor Month occurred in January 1970 after President Richard Nixon proclaimed on December 31, 1969.

With only 3% of Americans donating blood despite, and less than 20% of the donations coming from people of color, it’s crucial to encourage more diverse participation. Consider scheduling a donation this month to help save lives.

Glaucoma Awareness Month

This awareness month theme raises awareness about a group of eye diseases that can lead to vision loss and blindness. It’s an important health initiative to educate the public about risk factors, symptoms, and the importance of both early detection and treatment.

This month, many healthcare professionals will offer free eye screenings. Resources explaining the steps that someone must take to protect their vision are extremely helpful too. Glaucoma Awareness Month reminds us all about the importance of regular eye exams and preserving our eyesight with preventative measures all year long.

Cervical Cancer Health Awareness Month

This campaign focuses on increasing awareness about cervical cancer, a cancer that develops in the cervix. Nearly all cases are linked to HPV, high-risk human papillomavirus. Every year, nearly 11,500 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed and 4,000 more women die from it. The month emphasizes empowering people with knowledge on reducing cervical cancer risks and highlights the life-saving importance of regular screenings.

Learn More About Awareness Months

By recognizing these important heritage and awareness themes, we can build a more inclusive, understanding and supportive workplace for everyone

Enjoyed our January Awareness Months overview? Learn about more DEI holidays, heritage months, and religious holidays on our Diversity Calendar 2024 and Interfaith Calendar 2024. This blog post aims to inform you of important monthly themes to help you learn and grow. To learn about other 1,000+ DEI events and for the entire list of heritage and awareness months, subscribe to our online Diversity Calendar.

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