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Diversity Calendar Features

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Fully Customizable

  • Your Logo, Colors, Branding
  • Calendar Name
  • Customize Themes
  • Add or Hide Events
Diversity Calendar
Diversity Calendar Outlook

Add to Existing Tools

  • Add to Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.
  • Add to Intranet/SharePoint
  • Add to Microsoft Teams or Slack
  • Embed Custom Widgets

Easy to Access and Share

  • No Log in Required
  • QR Code to Share
  • Monthly PDFs and signature banners
Diversity Calendar
Diversity Calendar

Diversity Events

  • 30+ Monthly Diversity Themes
  • 1,500+ Diversity Events
  • Gorgeous Imagery
  • Audio Pronunciations
  • Appropriate Greetings

Inclusion Tools

  • Inclusion Tips™
  • Translate to Any Language
  • Dietary Considerations
  • Diversity Recipes
Diversity Calendar -Dietary Considerations

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