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How to Promote Your Organization’s Online Diversity Calendar

You want to increase awareness & inclusion, and maximize your diversity training ROI.

One of the best ways is to leverage your existing investment, by boosting usage of your organization’s Online Diversity Calendar. Here are some simple tips for increasing calendar usage – and awareness and inclusion:

Promote Your Calendar

1. D&I Portal – ensure your calendar image and link is featured prominently on your diversity & inclusion portal, above the fold.

2. Email Signature – add your calendar link to the email signature of all D&I personnel – or better yet, all employees (see example below). With every email, you’ll be increasing awareness and inclusion.

3. Voice Mail – mention your organization’s calendar on your outgoing voice mail message, including this month’s diversity theme. Be sure to mention where employees can find your calendar (e.g. – on your D&I portal)

Integrate With Existing Calendar

4. A newly improved feature of the calendar is the ability to integrate your Online Diversity Calendar with your organization’s Outlook or other existing calendar (see example below).

Add Company Events, Messages

5. Company Holidays – everyone enjoys holidays. Add your organization’s holidays to your calendar, to increase consumption of your diversity calendar. Ask us how.

6. Company Paydays – everyone loves money – and getting paid. Add your paydays to your calendar, to further boost consumption.

7. Company Events – add in-house diversity events – from training opportunities to special celebrations – to your diversity calendar. (see example below)

8. Diversity Messages – monthly banner themes (see below) are fully customizable. For example in June, you might say “(Company Name) Celebrates Our LGBT Employees and Customers.”

Share Events

9. Click to Share – a new feature of the 2017 Online Diversity Calendar is event sharing. Click the share icon (see below) to open your email, populated with event information. Just add recipients and send!

10. Share Links – ask us for a spreadsheet of event links. Share the links in your diversity newsletter or portal, so employees can click directly to events on your diversity calendar.

Questions? Contact us.

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