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How to Promote Your Organization’s Diversity Calendar

If you are already using our online Diversity Calendar in your workplace, it’s clear that increasing awareness and fostering inclusion is important to you. To help you maximize the value of your investment, we have compiled several simple tips that will simultaneously boost employee usage and promote awareness and inclusion.

Intranet Feature it on Your Company’s Intranet

Ensure your calendar image and link are featured above the fold for easy access. You can easily embed the calendar within your Intranet – here is how to integrate it with SharePoint.

Teams Integrate with Slack or Teams

If your organization relies on Slack or Teams for communication, integrating the Diversity Calendar widget can be a great way to ensure users are engaged with it.

Outlook Integrate it with Existing Calendars

Our diversity calendar easily integrates with your organization’s Outlook, Google, or other calendars.

newsletter Include it in Your Internal Newsletter

Highlight upcoming events and provide a link to your online Diversity Calendar for employees to explore further. Publish internal stories with highlights from that month’s cultural observances or holidays to bring a sense of belonging and acceptance to your team.

Meeting Mention it in Your Company-Wide Meetings

Use company-wide meetings to spark curiosity and interest among your employees in the diversity calendar. Take time to decide as a team which events relate to your company’s mission you would like to sponsor or highlight. Promote these events on your social media pages for added impact.

Event Personalize it with Custom Company Events

Adding your organization’s holidays or special events to the calendar expands its usefulness and relevance, creating a sense of inclusivity and belonging. Here is how to do so through your admin panel.

payday Highlight Company Paydays and Birthdays

Boost usage of this valuable DEI resource by including important payday dates or birthdays on the calendar. Here is how to do so through your admin panel.

customize Customize Monthly Banner Themes 

Make it more relatable by customizing the calendar’s banner to events you’d like to highlight most (based on your subscription).

share Share Events & Links

Easily share events with employees by using the built-in email share functionality. You can also copy the event link and share it.

browser Bookmark Your Calendar & Set as Browser Home Page

Encourage employees to use the calendar regularly by making it the home page on all employee computers or tablets. Alternatively, encourage bookmarking the calendar for instant access to daily or monthly events.

share newsletter Share the Subscriber Newsletter

In the Subscriber Newsletter that you receive twice a month, if you simply click on “Click here to see a web copy of this email,” you can easily copy the URL and share it with colleagues. Even better, create a shared email, such as inclusion@companyname.com, and add all your employees to it, and use that to subscribe to the newsletter. This way, all your employees will receive monthly calendar updates.

info sheet Share the Diversity Calendar Information Sheet

Share this one-page info sheet with your employees to inform them about the Diversity Calendar and how to use it.

feature Get Familiar with the Calendar Features

The more you know about the calendar, the more you can share with your employees. Here are some FAQs and how-to’s to get to know the calendar better

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