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Diversity Calendar User Guide for Admins

This user guide will walk you through the steps and functions to efficiently manage the Diversity Calendar on WordPress.

Please note that you won’t be able to modify events, types, subjects, inclusion tips, recipes, or dietary considerations added by Diversity Resources. If you require updates to an event or have any feedback, kindly reach out to your customer success manager for assistance.

Add an Event

Add event

Under the “Events” section, you’ll find a list of events you have personally added to the calendar. To add a new event, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Add New.”
  2. Enter the Event Title, Description, and upload a Feature Image* for the event.
  3. Select an Event Type, Subject, and Date** for the event.
  4. Select the Event Importance (Major or Minor) and its Work Impact.
  5. Optionally, you can add an Inclusion Tip, Dietary Consideration, Recipe, and an appropriate Greeting.
  6. Click “Publish” to add the event to the calendar.

* See “Managing Media” below for image guidelines.
**When selecting the date, you’ll have to choose among several options: Fixed, Moveable, Recurring, Full Week, or Full Month:


For one-time only events.

Diversity Calendar


For events that change dates.


For recurring full day events.

For recurring events with a specific start and end day and time.

Full Week

For full week events.

Full Month

For full month events.

Add a New Event Subject or Type

Add Event Subject or Type

From the left menu, under “Events,” you have the option to add a new event Subject or Type. For example, you can add a new Type called “Company Events” and a corresponding Subject called “Town Hall.” This customization allows you to tailor the calendar to suit your specific needs.

  1. To create a new Event Type, click “Add New,” then enter the Type name and Type Company Owner, and also had an icon to be associated with the Type. The other fields are optional. Finally, click Publish.
  2. To create a new Event Subject, click “Add New,” then enter the Subject name, Subject Company Owner, and Type. The other fields are optional. Finally, click Publish.

Show/Hide Events Preferences

Under “Show/Hide Events,” you can customize the display preferences for your calendar:

  1. Select which Event Types to show on the calendar.
  2. Based on your selections, choose specific countries and religions for which events will be displayed.

DEIB Tips, Dietary Considerations and Recipes


Under these sections, you have the ability to add Inclusion Tips, dietary considerations and recipes, as well as edit the ones you’ve added previously.

  1. To create a new Inclusion Tip, click “Add New,” then enter the Tip name, description, Company Owner, and a Feature Image. Finally, click Publish.
  2. To create a new Dietary Consideration, click “Add New,” then enter the Dietary Consideration name, description, Company Owner, and a Feature Image. Finally, click Publish.
  3. To create a new Recipe, click “Add New,” then enter the Recipe name, recipe, Subject, Company Owner, and a Feature Image. Finally, click Publish.

Company Profile Customization

Company Profile

In the “Company Profiles” section, you can personalize your calendar’s appearance:

  1. Add the Company Name, Sub-title, and an Image to represent your organization.
  2. Upload your Company Logo and Favicon.
  3. Set your desired Time Zone Clocks.
  4. Customize the colors to align with your brand.
  5. Choose how you want week and full month events to be displayed.
  6. Link your Google Analytics to track calendar usage and engagement.
  7. Ensure to click “Update” after making changes to save your customized settings.

Managing Media


The “Media” section allows you to view all photos you’ve uploaded for events and upload new images to use in future events.

  1. To add a new photo, click “Add New,” then Select Files to Upload or Drag and Drop your image.
  2. To edit an uploaded photo, click on the photo, then click “Edit Image.” You can also edit the image details on the right-hand side.

Image Guidelines:

For screen sizes larger than 600px, the images will occupy 33% of the screen, with a maximum width of 600px. The image height will adjust proportionally to maintain the correct aspect ratio.

For screens with a width of 600px and below, such as on mobile devices, the image will be displayed at 100% width.

We strongly recommend that any featured images you create are at least 600px wide. If you upload an image that is narrower than 600px, it will be stretched to fit, potentially leading to a grainy or distorted appearance on some screen sizes.

Admin Profile Settings


Under “Profile,” you can modify your admin account settings on WordPress:

  1. Change your Username and Name as needed.
  2. Update your Password for security.
  3. Customize the color scheme for the WordPress dashboard to your preference.

Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge to effectively manage the Diversity Calendar on WordPress. Should you have any further questions or require support, don’t hesitate to contact your customer success manager.

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