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What Is Diversity?

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Insights
What Is Diversity

Find out what is diversity and why is diversity important to foster inclusivity and innovation in the workplace. Learn the benefits now.

Diversity and inclusion remain buzzwords in today’s workplace. While many have heard these terms, it’s important to think critically about what they mean, how their meanings change, and the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. While many organizations focus on diversity, it’s important to recognize the value of every category’s aspect and its impact.

Why Is Diversity Important?

Diversity is vital to every business. Research proves that teams with diverse backgrounds often have better innovation, higher retention rates, and better problem-solving skills. This is because they draw from their different perspectives and values, leading to more effective solutions to problems that may endure in your organization.

Types of Diversity

Diversity training is one of the best ways to create a positive work culture that is diverse and inclusive. Some topics to cover during your training include:

Generational Diversity

This focuses on a multigenerational workforce and aims to prevent stereotypes and reduce unconscious bias.

Gender Diversity

Gender diversity training aims to ensure that all genders are represented throughout the organization. This helps all genders better understand those around them and how to help everyone feel accepted and respected in the workplace.

Sexual Orientation Diversity

This aims to reduce unconscious bias against people with different sexual orientations and encourages employees to respect their colleagues equally.


Microaggression training addresses both verbal and nonverbal behaviors that are hostile or negative.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity training helps your team identify and address situations that may lead to conflict. They’ll learn to understand different working styles and language barriers, to name a few situations. This training shows employees that people of all cultures are welcome here.

Religious Diversity

Religious diversity training helps foster an inclusive work culture that doesn’t discriminate against someone’s religion or lack of. This training aims to ensure all employees feel safe regardless of their beliefs.

Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

When you take the time to learn about those around you, you help create an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Diversity training teaches the empathy and support needed to ensure that all differences in the workplace are used positively to boost productivity and innovation.

Moving Forward

Embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace has a positive impact not only on the world but also on organizations. By embracing diversity across all categories and fostering inclusion, you create a positive work environment where all team members prosper. Diversity and inclusion are an ongoing journey for any organization, and businesses should embrace DEI to better position themselves to be most successful. One practical way to promote diversity is by using a Diversity Calendar.

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