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Canada Diversity Calendar™

Embrace Inclusion, Never Miss Important Dates

Canada Diversity Calendar

Unlock the Power of Diversity and Inclusion Every Day with the Canada Diversity Calendar™

Customize, Integrate, and Stay Informed with our Canada DEI Calendar!

Experience a transformative tool that revolutionizes how your organization approaches diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Our centralized Diversity Calendar™ provides a comprehensive hub for all DEI-related events, holidays, and observances. It goes beyond awareness, offering inclusion tips, educational resources, and opportunities for engagement, empowering your team to take meaningful steps toward building an inclusive culture.

Facilitate crucial conversations and educate your employees with our thoughtfully curated content. The customizable calendar seamlessly integrates within your existing tools, enabling you to add company-specific events and initiatives. Empower your organization with the Canada Diversity Calendar™ and unlock the true potential of awareness, inclusion, and action.

You’re in Good Company

Hundreds of D&I Leaders Subscribe to the Diversity Calendar™

Our Canada DEI Calendar Will Help You:

Promote Inclusivity and Belonging

Foster inclusivity and create a sense of belonging within your Canadian organization through our Canada DEI calendar, which highlights important diversity events and provides educational resources to enhance awareness and understanding.

Canada Diversity Calendar

Avoid Conflicts with Respectful Scheduling

Ensure meetings and events are scheduled with sensitivity by leveraging our Canada DEI Calendar to avoid creating meetings or events on observed holidays, ensuring respectful and inclusive planning.

Save Time and Streamline Diversity Event Planning

Streamline your diversity event planning and save valuable time by leveraging our Canada DEI Calendar, which provides a comprehensive collection of important diversity dates, reducing the need for extensive research and planning.

Canada Diversity Calendar

Canada Diversity Calendar™

Easy Awareness & Inclusion, 365

“I absolutely recommend the Online Diversity Calendar. It’s made our life a whole lot easier in terms of planning, it’s become our go to before we coordinate key events. Our people love it.”

Bruce Yang, YMCA

What You’ll Love About Our Canada DEI Calendar:

Diversity Calendar Outlook

Seamless Calendar Integration

Effortlessly sync your Canada Diversity Calendar™ with popular platforms like Outlook, Google, and Apple. Alternatively, use it as a standalone web tool.

Hassle-Free Deployment

Get up and running quickly with our user-friendly web-based solution. No IT involvement or installations required. The intuitive interface ensures a smooth experience, allowing you to deploy the calendar effortlessly throughout your organization and on all devices.

Diversity Calendar Integration
Canada Diversity Calendar

Personalized Branding

Customize your Canada Diversity Calendar™ to reflect your organization’s unique identity. Add your logo, choose custom colors, and personalize the branding to align with your visual guidelines.

Inclusive and Informative Features

Benefit from inclusion tips, dietary considerations, instant language translation, audio pronunciations, and respectful language usage. These features create an enriching and inclusive calendar experience, catering to diverse perspectives and fostering a respectful environment.

Diversity Calendar -Dietary Considerations

Canada Diversity Calendar™

Easy Awareness & Inclusion, 365

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