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Rendy Syahdan

Graphic Designer

Rendy SyahdanRendy infuses creativity and expertise into the team through his art. With a strong passion for design, he finds joy in crafting projects like the Diversity Calendar and the company website. Over his 18-year career, Rendy has gained extensive experience in diverse industries, excelling in visually appealing designs that effectively convey branding strategies.

Rendy’s unique background growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, a Muslim-majority city, has shaped his profound understanding and appreciation of diversity. Observing the influence of religious politics in his country, he strives to respect differing opinions and create valuable designs regardless of background. For Rendy, Chinese New Year holds a special place as a celebration that symbolizes diversity, given the deep historical influence of Chinese culture in Indonesia.

Outside of work, Rendy enjoys indulging in his hobbies with enthusiasm, from watching movies and playing console games to spending time with children.

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