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Religious Sensitivity Training

Course Length: 15 minutes

Religious Sensitivity Training

Religion in the Workplace Sensitivity Training

Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace is a new, unique and interactive course that allows your employees to recognize biases and increase sensitivity in their work environment. It’s one of 6 courses in the DEI training suite.

This program comes highly recommended for all workplaces but especially those with a younger audience (i.e. “the Netflix generation”). It consists of Hollywood-quality interactive videos and bite-sized episodes that are easy to access on your phone, tablet, or computer. Regardless of where you are, you can complete this diversity training and inspire respect and inclusion for all.

You’re in Good Company

More than 1,500 Companies Trust the Workplace Diversity, Inclusion & Sensitivity™ program

Designed with a Bite-Sized Training Style

Employees are always on the go. In fact, it’s rare to find anyone who isn’t interrupted every 10 to 15 minutes. For this reason, our training has been designed to fit in those random 5-to-8-minute increments you have throughout your day. Our “bite-sized” episodes will make it possible for your employees to learn about religion and spirituality in the workplace even when they think they aren’t able to squeeze anything else into their day.

Inspired by Streaming and Gaming

Gone are the days that you can keep anyone’s attention through lecturing. Today’s workforce needs to be engaged in order to learn. Our religious sensitivity training has several interactive episodes inspired by streaming and gaming with alternative endings, challenging quizzes, and points and rewards. This helps keep your employees on their toes as they learn about diversity and inclusion.

Create Change at Your Company

Our course is all about giving your employees the knowledge and skills they need on religion in the workplace and more. Once they learn this knowledge through the interactive program, they’ll be able to apply their new skills to benefit the organization and create positive change.

Diversity Training Certification

Religious Sensitivity Training

“The training is the best we’ve seen, by far. Our employees asked for more! Look no further if you’re seeking engaging content for your workforce.”

Ali Tankiewicz, HR Associate, Apex Clean Energy

Complete on Mobile

If employees are always on the go, what are the odds they’ll find time to learn about religion and spirituality in the workplace. Now, you can view, engage, and submit our fully mobile diversity training from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Any time you have 5 to 8 minutes, complete one of the bite-sized episodes!

Customize the Look

Our religious sensitivity training comes with the option to add your logo, content, imagery, resources, and more. We’ve found that customized training has the greatest impact, and we want to help you impact change at your company. Add-on options include customized content, imagery, leadership video messages, viewer mailbag, and more!

Customizable Diversity Training

Religious Sensitivity Training

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