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Outlook Diversity Calendar

Easily Add Diversity Events to Outlook

Now you can enjoy the ease and convenience of an Outlook Diversity Calendar, with the option to integrate our web-based DEI Calendar with your existing Outlook, either individually or enterprise-wide.

For organizations using Outlook, this enables you to easily, seamlessly integrate awareness and inclusion into workplace, via your existing calendar.

Key diversity events – including monthly diversity themes as well as individual calendar events – will appear in your Outlook calendar. Click on an event to open your custom, web-based diversity calendar, and get must-know event details. Click to create a reminder or share with other team members.

Here’s how it works, in 3 simple steps

1. Chose Feed or File

We provide you with an iCS listing all events during your subscription period. Events of your choosing will automatically appear in your Outlook.

We’ll customize your Outlook Diversity Calendar feed to focus only on events most important to your organization. For example, you might wish to have all US diversity events, but only major international holidays.


2. Import or Subscribe

A terrific feature of Microsoft Outlook is the ease of importing data from one application to another.

Here’s an example of an Outlook Diversity Calendar – events imported from Excel. Note how the events are color-coded by subjects, using the Category field.

Outlook Diversity Calendar

3. Click and Enjoy

With events added to your Outlook, your employees will effortlessly receive essential diversity and inclusion information, with a tool they use daily: Outlook Diversity Calendar.

And in any event, click the link to open your organization’s custom Online Diversity Calendar, and get more details, helpful tips, and options to share or create reminders.

Diversity Calendar Event Preview
Diversity Calendar Event Preview

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