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How to Use the Diversity Calendar


This guide will walk you through the main features and functionalities of the Online Diversity Calendar, enabling you to make the most out of its diverse offerings.

Default Filtered View and Global View

When accessing the calendar, you’ll be shown the default filtered view. This view displays events relevant to your specific region or preferences, carefully selected by your calendar admin. If you want to explore events from all around the world, simply click on the globe icon at the top right corner to access the global view.

Diversity Calendar - Global View

Calendar Views

The Diversity Calendar offers various viewing options. By default, you’ll see the monthly view, but you can switch to daily, 3-day, weekly, monthly, or yearly views. If you’re looking for events on a particular date, use the “Go to” feature and select the desired date.

Diversity Calendar - Views

Monthly Themes

Hover over the bell icon on the calendar to reveal the Awareness and Heritage Months for the current month you’re viewing. By clicking on these Monthly Themes, you can access more detailed information about them.

Diversity Calendar -Monthly Themes

Event Types

Under the Legend section, you can find different event types. These may include Commemorative, Healthcare, Religious, Public, and Well-being events. However, the availability of these types may vary based on your Calendar admin’s settings. Each type has an icon next to it, which you’ll see next to each event on the calendar.

You can click on a certain type to filter the calendar to display only those events. You’ll notice that a “Clear Filter” option will appear under the legend to help you go back to the main view.

Diversity Resources - Legend

Downloadable Resources

For every month, you have access to a signature banner to include in your emails and a month-at-a-glance designed PDF version of the calendar that you can print or set as your computer screen background.

Additionally, to easily access the calendar on your mobile device, download the QR code and scan it to open or share the calendar.

Diversity Calendar - Downloads

Here is how to use the QR code:

Here is how you can print the calendar page you’re on:

Widget Generator

You can easily generate a widget code to embed the calendar on intranet.

Diversity Calendar - Widget Generator

You can choose the width settings:

  • Responsive Width: Adjust the calendar size based on the screen or webpage.
  • Fixed Width: Maintain a constant calendar width regardless of the screen or webpage size.

There are several types of widgets you can embed (click to expand):

Full Calendar

Embed the entire calendar, including the company logo and additional resources

Month Calendar

Embed only the calendar itself in a month view, excluding additional information like the logo and resources.

Month List

Embed the calendar in a list format with a month view

Diversity Calendar - Month List

7-Day Calendar

Embed the calendar with a 7-day view

Diversity Calendar - 7-Day Calendar

7-Day List

Embed the calendar in a list format with a 7-day view

Diversity Calendar - 7-Day List

3-Day Calendar

Embed the calendar with a 3-day view

Diversity Calendar - 3-Day Calendar

3-Day List

Embed the calendar in a list format with a 3-day view

Diversity Calendar - 3-Day List

1-Day List

Embed the calendar in a list format with a 1-day view

Diversity Calendar - 1-Day List

Featured Events

Each month, the calendar showcases featured events in the banner. Simply click on these events to discover more details about them.

Diversity Calendar - Monthly Theme Banner

Event Previews and Details

When hovering over an event on the calendar, you’ll see a preview of the event. Clicking on an event will open its full details, including the subject, date, photo, and description.

Above the photo, you’ll find icons that allow you to email the event or add it to your personal calendar. Some events may also provide icons linking you to relevant inclusion tips, dietary considerations, or recipes. For religious events, you also have a Copy Greeting icon.

On the right-hand side, you’ll find related links to other events, such as those from the same country.

Diversity Calendar - Share

Here is how the Copy Greeting feature works:

Educational Resources

Located at the top of your calendar, you’ll find a collection of additional resources. These include DEIB tips, inclusion insights, dietary considerations, and recipes. Feel free to explore these valuable insights to enhance your understanding of different cultures and celebrations.

Diversity Calendar - Educational Resources

Quick Search Function

To find a specific event swiftly, use the search function. Enter keywords related to the event you’re looking for, and the calendar will display relevant results.

Diversity Calendar - Search

Language Settings

The Diversity Calendar supports multiple languages. To change the language of your calendar, access the drop-down menu located at the top right corner and select your preferred language.

Diversity Calendar - Language


Finally, don’t forget to bookmark your calendar for easy access! For instructions on how to bookmark the calendar based on your browser, simply click the ribbon icon on the top right-hand corner.

Diversity Calendar - Bookmark

Educational Resources

You will find additional resources to learn from, including DEI activities, glossary, media & resources, common religious greetings and religious beliefs, when you click on the the cap icon in the top right corner.

Diversity Calendar - Educational Resources

Help, Feedback, and Newsletter

If you ever require support or wish to provide feedback, click on the question mark icon located at the top right corner of the calendar. Additionally, to stay informed and receive regular insights and exclusive updates, consider signing up for our newsletter.

Diversity Calendar - FAQs


Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge to make the most of our Diversity Calendar. Embrace the diversity of events and cultures, celebrate inclusivity, and engage with communities worldwide. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team. Happy exploring!

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