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What Is the Calendar?

The Diversity Calendar is a subscription to a custom informational tool on our website. That’s it.

Built in php, each organization accesses its custom Diversity Calendar via a unique user key.

Subscribers can add events to Outlook via feed or file, or add their Diversity Calendar to SharePoint or intranet with an iframe embed.

No Software, Little or No IT

No additional software – our web-based Diversity Calendar suite requires no additional software, no plug ins, etc.

Little or no IT – no IT is required, except minimal time if you choose to embed an iframe on your intranet, and/or create a shared Outlook calendar

Security and Privacy

Hosting – each Diversity Calendar is hosted by our vetted third-party server, and secured by a 12-digit randomized alphanumeric user key.

Employee Access/Privacy – there’s no need to log in: your employees simply click link + user key, to access your Diversity Calendar.

No data collection – we collect no company information, and little if any employee or user data. We only collect contact information of your calendar manager and key shareholders, to send monthly email updates of diversity events and calendar improvements.

Admin Panel – your calendar admin can add events to your Diversity Calendar, such as Company Holidays, Diversity Celebrations, Training Sessions, etc. The admin panel is secured by user name + strong password. Your admins can update their password anytime.

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