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LGBT Training

Sensitivity Training for LGBTQ Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity Resources – we’re your diversity experts! Diversity Resources offers one-stop shopping for diversity training. Offering you the best selection and excellent customer service, you’ll find the training tools you need to create a respectful, efficient,and compliant workplace.

Online Training and Videos

New Online Training Course! LGBTQ+ Inclusion Training

LGBT Training in the Workplace

With increasingly diverse workplaces, it’s essential for your team to receive appropriate training. This includes sexual orientation. To succeed in business today, your teams need training in LGBT workplace issues, awareness, communication, respect and more.

LGBT Training Resources

Different people learn better with different tools. At Diversity Resources, you’ll get the appropriate resources for your training needs. Enjoy our selection of tools for LGBT training, from online training to live facilitators.

LGBTQ Sensitivity Training

At Diversity Resources, you’ll discover the training topics you need. Enjoy browsing our site or call us at (800) 682-1261 for recommendations and suggestions.

Tools for Each Learning Level

At Diversity Resources, you’ll find the right resources for your people. Whether you’re training top executives or entry-level staff, you’ll find LGBT training tools designed for each level.

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