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The only eLearning course written by a subject matter expert with over 33 years of live harassment and discrimination training experience, and appointed to California’s Blue Ribbon Advisory Commission that reviewed and drafted the state’s harassment training regulations. Legally defensible in all 50 states.

Employee Course | Supervisor Course

View Sample – Supervisor Course

Full Course includes:
* Introduction and 13 modules
* Supervisor Extended Course (2 hours)

Course Modules:
* Supervisor Pre-Course Knowledge Check
* Law’s Impact on Employer’s Harassment Policy
* Employer’s Policy
* Subtle to Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment
* Protected Characteristics Harassment
* The Complex Workplace
* How to Stop Prohibited Behavior
* How to Recognize and Prevent Retaliation
* The Supervisor’s Role in Preventing Retaliation
* Receiving a Complaint: Four-Step Interview Process
* Intervention: Eight-Step Process
* Third Party Recipient of Harassment Intervention
* Supervisor Course Knowledge Check

Additional information
Format eLearning (SCORM)
Language English
Version General, Supervisor
Closed Captioning Yes
Length 61 – 90 minutes

Price: Program: $30 per seat license. Volume discounts available. Cost for customization not included.

To request further information, including pricing and volume discounts, click here.

You may also call 1-(800) 682-1261 for further information on this product.

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