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Cultural Detective®

What’s Included?

1. A Series Guide, with complete instructions on how to facilitate an intercultural effectiveness learning event, including definitions of culture, intercultural communication, and intercultural competence.

2. Participant Materials, which is what you will print or circulate to your participants. This usually includes an introduction to the culture, a Values Lens that explains key motivators and drivers for members of the culture, explanations of frequent negative perceptions, proverbs or sayings that illustrate the values, a minimum of five typical, real-life critical incidents that you won’t want to replicate, a list of best practices for bridging cultures and leveraging diversity, and a bibliography.

3. Facilitator Manual, which includes a story to introduce the Cultural Detective Method, examples of the values and their negative perceptions in action, sample debriefs of the critical incidents, and a list of music that you might play during a learning event.

Often, additional material is included in the package.

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