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Wendy Russell

Account Executive

Wendy RussellWendy brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for diversity and inclusion. With a genuine desire to understand customers’ goals and visions for D&I, Wendy guides them towards achieving a sense of belonging in the workplace. Wendy’s journey in DEI work spans back many years, including producing videos and radio programs on culture and interfaith topics, having collaborated with Erich Toll, Diversity Resources’ President, at Big World Media.

Growing up in Charlotte, NC, Wendy experienced the early days of forced school integration, leaving a lasting impact on her. Her personal motto, “to do justice, love loving kindness, and walk humbly with your God,” guides her commitment to social justice causes.

Outside of work, Wendy is a talented artist, bringing creativity and beauty into the world. Wendy volunteers as a harpist for Hospice, finding fulfillment in serving others through music. In her free time, she enjoys playing pickleball, gardening, hiking, and reading.

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