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Vinay Garg

Web Developer

Vinay GargVinay is a skilled Web Developer with 8+ years of experience in WordPress, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, and MySQL, making him a valuable asset to the team. Embracing fresh problems, Vinay finds joy in thinking creatively, learning something new, and stepping outside the box to find innovative solutions.

Coming from Haryana, India, Vinay’s unique background has shaped his deep appreciation for diversity in the workplace and beyond. With a family business background, he ventured into the IT profession, allowing him to connect with diverse people from various religions and cultures.

Outside of work, Vinay’s interests lie in traveling with friends and exploring new horizons. He has a thirst for knowledge, be it in digital realms like programming languages and platforms or historical insights into buildings and places. Vinay’s love for learning keeps him engaged and open-minded, constantly enriching his experiences both at work and in life.

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