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Building a Diverse Workforce – Program 1

Do We Speak the Same Language?

Should Language and Cultural Style Impact Performance Evaluations?

A couple of years ago, View Magazine called our series, Diversity: Creating Success for Business and People “one of the best products about diversity on the market.” And customers agreed!

Now, we can offer you a follow-up series from the same company, ARMC.

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Building a Diverse Workforce for the Global Millennium is a 20-volume series that covers a huge variety of diversity issues. Each program also presents critical business concepts like building trust and respect, performance appraisals, team building and leadership.


DVD English$395.00
Entire Series:$3450.00

Program #1: “Do We Speak the Same Language? Should Language and Cultural Style Impact Performance Evaluations?”

In the new global workplace, language issues will become a factor in performance appraisals. In this scenario, you will see how a manager misunderstands an employee’s language and cultural differences, which ultimately leads to a less than stellar performance evaluation.


Sue Fong and Peter Johnson

Key Learning Points

  • Understanding the impact of language difference on team effectiveness
  • Avoiding language and cultural bias in performance evaluations
  • Learning how to fully utilize a diverse global workforce
  • Developing skills to lead diverse employees
  • Preventing stereotypes
  • Giving effective performance appraisals

This program is part of the Building a Diverse Workforce in the Global Millennium series. Discounted pricing is available on series purchase.

Purchase Includes:


  • Dramatic Vignettes w/Instruction


  • Diversity
  • Hiring, Interviewing Skills, and Employee Retention
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Global Diversity Series


  • Federal, State and Local Governments – 10%
  • Federal Government (GSA) – 25%
  • Non-profit – 10%
  • K-12, University and Graduate Schools – 20%

For more information or to order a video, e-mail diversity@diversityresources.com or call (800) 682-1261 .

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