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Peter’s Maps Corporate Seminar Pack ($249)


Three Maps: (All three wall maps come in durable see-through tubes)

  • Laminated Peters Projection Wall Map (35″ x 50″)
  • One standard Mercator Projection (30″ x 43″) laminated wall maps for comparison with the Peter’s Projection Wall Map
  • The What’s Up? South! World Map (36″ x 56″)1

plus a Laminated Hobo-Dyer Equal Area Desktop Map (11″ x l7″)

Two Videos:

  • the 30-minute DVD, Many Ways to See the World, which is reproducible at one location. The DVD is a great session starter for a diversity session on understanding the world from other peoples’ point-of-view. (consultants or companies who wish to service multiple clients or multiple locations should call for a quote for a multiple site license);
  • the 30-minute DVD, Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man, A fascinating 30 minute documentary exploring the history of how the Peters Equal Area World Map came into being. Includes scenes from THE WEST WING TV show that featured the map as well as cartographic critiques that show the tension and conflict that the Peters map generated amongst the cartographic establishment. Loaded with hours of bonus features! (this dvd is not reproducible)

Training Materials:

  • book: A New View of the World ( this is a Trainer’s Guide to the Peters Projection Wall Map)
    (this book is for a trainer’s technical and personal development)
  • User’s Guide to maximize training impact (7 pages) fully reproducible
    (This reproducible resource is a guide to this “Peters Map Corporate Seminar Pack”)
  • Fully reproducible 4-page Peters Map Handout
    (This reproducible handout gives everyone the background info on the Peters Map)
  • Fully reproducible article/handout The Peters Map: A Powerful Tool for Diversity Training.
  • “Rock Your World” from Training & Development (1 copy for reference, not reproducible)
  • “Our View of the World” from Take a Walk in My Shoes (1 copy for reference, not reproducible)
  • Beware the Glove Compartment” reprint from Newsweek (1 copy for reference, not reproducible)
  • Two Peters Map refrigerator magnets (for prizes)
  • BONUS! 100 Peters Map Postcards –
    A great way to reinforce the message and have students take it home!

1  The What’s Up South? Map is an exciting addition to your training resources. It challenges basic notions of “up” and “down “. This shows Australia on top with the poles reversed because whoever said North MUST be up? (Van der Grinten projection). A startling way to view the world, and a great way to shake people up and help them question their assumptions.

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