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LGBTQ+ Inclusion Training
Cultural Competency and Sensitivity

Customizable – Mobile Friendly – Track Compliance – Your LMS or Ours

With increasingly diverse workplaces, it’s essential for your team to receive appropriate training. The LGBTQ+ community faces some of the sharpest barriers at the workplace. To succeed in business today, your teams need training in LGBTQ+ workplace issues, awareness, communication, respect and more.

With its streaming-quality, bite-sized episodes, it’s uniquely designed for the Netflix generation. The program is interactive, and allows trainees to choose alternate endings, which ultimately boosts engagement. All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone to complete.

You’re in Good Company

More than 1,500 Companies Trust the Workplace Diversity, Inclusion & Sensitivity™ program

Designed for Today’s Workforce

Quick, Bite-Sized Trainings

Most workers today rarely have more than 10 minutes without interruption. Our training is designed to fit today’s demanding work schedule. Bite-sized episodes – ranging from 5 to 8 minutes – enable your employees to learn when possible, while meeting other work demands.

Inspired by Streaming TV, Gaming

Interactive and Engaging

Employees enjoy learning – and learn best – through interaction. Our program features interactive episodes, alternate endings, challenging quizzes, and points and rewards. These features are key to engaging today’s media-savvy workforce.

All Key Skills and Application

Inclusive Behavior Change

Different people learn better with different tools. At Diversity Resources, you’ll get the appropriate resources for your training needs. This LGBTQ+ inclusion training course covers all the keys: sensitivity, respect, unconscious bias, microaggressions and more. More importantly, you’ll discover how to apply these skills to benefit your organization and everyone involved.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Training

Cultural Competency and Sensitivity

“The training is the best we’ve seen, by far. Our employees asked for more! Look no further if you’re seeking engaging content for your workforce.”

Ali Tankiewicz, HR Associate, Apex Clean Energy

View and Complete on Your Phone

Easy Mobile

Employees increasingly are away from their computers. This is a fully mobile diversity training course, which can be completed on any computer, smartphone or tablet. View, engage, and submit from your mobile device – it’s never been easier!

Your Logo, Content, Imagery and more!

Fully Customizable 

Customized training has the greatest impact, and this is fully customizable LGBTQ+ inclusion training. Basic customization includes your logo, diversity policy and resource contact information. Add-on options include customized content, imagery, leadership video messages, viewer mailbag and more!

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Training

Cultural Competency and Sensitivity

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