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Jessica Mousseau


Jessica MousseauJessica Mousseau combines her passion for writing with a deep appreciation for diversity, equity and inclusion. With over 23 years of experience in journalism and media, Jessica has written for prestigious newspapers, magazines, and various websites, using her words to educate and inform others about a wide range of topics, including diversity, team building, and healthcare.

Growing up in a diverse suburb of Detroit, Jessica was immersed in different cultures and religions from an early age, shaping her understanding and appreciation of diversity. A strong advocate for the freedom to be authentic and true to oneself, Jessica embraces individuality and encourages inclusivity in all aspects of life.

Outside of work, Jessica is an avid reader, consuming over 100 books a year, and enjoys the thrill of reselling clothes, shoes and accessories. With a love for plants, she has created a vibrant indoor jungle, housing nearly 50 plants. Her diverse interests extend to thrift shopping, antique hunting, and playing board, card, or trivia games.

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