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An industry-leading online cultural intelligence resource for improved cross-cultural understanding

GlobeSmart® is the leading online resource that was developed through extensive research and in-depth interviews with business professionals from more than 95 nations around the world. With GlobeSmart, you get instant access to detailed information that provides reliable guidance on how to conduct business dealings with individuals in other countries. You’ll find a vast array of relevant content that is organized into more than 50 topics specifically designed to help users increase their cultural agility. More than 180 organizations have made GlobeSmart a key component of their cross-cultural training efforts, including approximately 30% of Fortune 100 companies.

GlobeSmart can help you and your organization:

  • Promote global team collaboration and enhance communication
  • Improve overseas management
  • Work effectively with global clients and vendors
  • Support international travelers
  • Understand colleagues’ daily realities and challenges
  • Increase your organization’s cultural intelligence through this innovative web-based tool.

GlobeSmart offers a user-friendly, blended approach that can help your team members develop the global mindset that is necessary for achieving your cultural-learning objectives.

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