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Diversity Calendar: New Features!

By: Erich TollBlogs
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Our #1 best-selling Online Diversity Calendar now includes 3 awesome new features, included with subscriptions. These are:

  1. Month-at-a-Glance
  2. Language Translation
  3. Dietary Considerations 


This is a popular new feature: all key events on one page, perfect for desktops, D&I pages and printing.

The full Online Diversity Calendar lists every diversity and inclusion event, averaging more than 150 events per month!

The new Month-at-a-Glance feature focuses the most important events,  on one page. It’s perfect for

  • printing
  • desktop/screensaver
  • adding to your D&I page

You’ll find Month-at-a-Glance on the calendar navigation:

Because you can print and post your own diversity calendar, it’s like having a printed calendar – free – with your subscription.

Language Translation

Language translation is another awesome new feature included with subscriptions. With one click, you can enjoy the Online Diversity Calendar in virtually any language.

This is useful for global organizations, as well as showing respect to growing immigrant populations in many countries.

Dietary Considerations 

One of the most important facets of awareness and inclusions is dietary restrictions. This is particularly true with religions.

The Online Diversity Calendar now lists dietary considerations for the five major religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. This is essential for respectful inclusion, whether at company events or on-site dining.

You’ll find dietary considerations in the index (see screenshot below), as well as via the dietary considerations icon on all events for major religions.

Enjoy Now  

If you’re a subscriber, all these new features are live and included with your subscription.

If you’re not yet a subscriber, why 100s of business, government and education leaders rely on the Online Diversity Calendar for awareness and inclusion 365. Discover our best-selling Online Diversity Calendar, and enjoy a free trial now.



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