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June Diversity Month – Calendar Events, Topics

By: ahirai
June Diversity Month – Calendar Events, Topics

June Diversity Month – Calendar Events, Topics

Keith Haring

A World of Diversity: LGBT, Disability, Religious Holidays and more

For the most current events, see our June 2019 Diversity Calendar 

Our diverse world always has key holidays and celebrations, for nations, cultures, religions, and lifestyles. These are more than 60 diversity events in our online diversity calendar, an essential tool for your diversity efforts.

A diversity calendar helps with scheduling, recognizing important events, and providing in-depth understanding of important historical, cultural, and religious events for people from diverse backgrounds.

LGBT Pride Month

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month, as designated by presidential proclamation since 1999. June 28 designates the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, one of the key events in gay/lesbian civil rights.

June is a time to celebrate the many contributions of the LBGT community. It’s also a time for organizations to review their LGBT training and policies, to determine whether their workplaces are supportive of people of varied sexual orientation.


Helen Keller’s birthday is June 27. Deaf and blind by 19 months, Keller’s life has inspired untold numbers of people to overcome disabilities and/or other hardships in their lives. She won respect for people with disabilities, while encouraging others to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

National Holidays

Every month features major national holidays, affecting work schedules around the globe. Key events in June include

Denmark, June 5: Constitution Day
Sweden, June 6: National Day
United States, June 14: Flag Day
India, UK, USA, etc., June 16: Martyrdom of Guru Dev Arjan Sikh
South Africa, June 16: Youth Day


To understand national cultures, it’s essential to aware of colonial history, such as that of the British Commonwealth. It’s easy to forget that the world’s lone superpower – the United States – was once a British colony. At its peak in the early 20th Century, Great Britain ruled more than 25% of the world’s population. An important historical reminder occurs on June 6 when New Zealand celebrates the Queen’s birthday.


Under the Julian calendar, Coptic and Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate Pentecost on June 19. Following the Gregorian Calendar and the celebration of the solstice, Pagan and Wiccan traditions honor the summer holiday of Litha on June 19.

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