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Online Diversity Calendar: How to Add Events

It’s easy to add events to your Online Diversity Calendar. Events added to your calendar will be seen only by your employees.

1. Log In to Your Calendar Admin 

2. Click Add New Entry

3.  Enter Event Name, Type, Description
Holiday – name of event
Alpha Sort – repeat name of event
Entry Type – your company name
Description – add detailed description of event here, including hyperlinks if desired

4. Choose 1 of 3 Date Types and Add Date 
a) Full Month – i.e. February is Black History Month
b) Fixed (Annual Day, Annual Month) – i.e. Christmas, December 25th every year
c) Floating/Moveable (Holiday Dates #1, #2 etc.) – i.e. Thanksgiving, different date every day

For fixed holidays (same date every year)
Annual Day – (example 25 for the 25th day)
Annual Month – (example 12 for December)

For floating/moveable holidays
Holiday Dates #1 – in this format (11/23/2017, 11/22/2018, etc)

5. Upload Event Image (optional)
A landscape-orientation image, approximately 600×400, is best

6. Click Save Changes

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