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Online Diversity Calendar: New Features for 2018

To serve you better, we’re excited to announce new features and improvements in the Online Diversity Calendar™. These include:

1) Add to Your Calendar
2) Inclusion Tips™
3) Diversity Contemporaries™

1) Add to Your Calendar – all subscribing organizations receive a complimentary spreadsheet and ICS file, to add key diversity events to your primary calendar. Add key events to your company calendar such as Outlook, Google or Apple. Click on an event in your company calendar, to open the Online Diversity Calendar™ and get Inclusion Tips, helpful information and more.

2) New! Inclusion Tips™

Inclusion Tips

Another awesome new feature is Inclusion Tips™! The Online Diversity Calendar™not only increases awareness, but now also provides on-demand, bite-sized training, to foster respectful behavior and increase inclusion.

Access Inclusion Tips two ways: via the Index pick list, in top right corner of the calendar (see image above), or via the Inclusion Tips icons (lightbulb) on relevant events (see image below).

Inclusion Tips

3) New! Diversity Contemporaries™

Diversity Contemporaries

While the Online Diversity Calendar™ features key historical diversity figures, your people will resonate most with current leaders they know.

So we’re adding dozens of additional diversity notables to the calendar, including today’s leaders such as black, hispanic, women, LGBT+ or disabled. Also find inclusion pioneers from diverse cultures, religions and more. We’re adding at least 52 Diversity Contemporaries by March 31. Have a suggested diversity contemporary? Let us know.

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