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Diversity 101 Training

Fun, Interactive, Employee-Friendly

The Diversity 101™ online training program takes a fun, creative and interactive approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This interactive eLearning course explores the respect and inclusions components of diversity – from the employee’s perspective – in a way that engages the employee, and provides skills and inspiration

Comprehensive, One-Stop

Covers All Keys Skills

Diversity 101 covers all the essential skills, including unconscious/hidden bias, cultural competence, gender & gender identity, jokes and improper expressions and more!

Engaging and Effective

Interactive Online E-Learning 

Employees learn best with interactivity. Diversity 101 is robust, with pre- and post-assessment, interactions, audio reinforcements, HD video, linear navigation and more. Course time 45 minutes.

The Power of Storytelling

This powerful, new course features 8 dramatic, thought-provoking vignettes that engage and entertain, while exploring key topics on diversity, inclusion and respect.

Diversity 101 Training

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