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CieCie Sanchez

Operations Manager

CieCie Sanchez

With over 14 years of experience, CieCie Sanchez leverages her expertise in finance, business development and office management to ensure the smooth functioning of the company. CieCie’s journey began in fashion sales, but her passion for business led her to excel in diverse fields, including pharmaceutical, real estate, and technology. Recognizing the growing importance of diversity education, she firmly believes in the 3 P’s—People, Process, and Profit—as the key pillars for any successful business.

Beyond her professional role, CieCie is an accomplished singer, having performed on prestigious stages and live television. She brings her passion for music and celebration to her work, recognizing the significance of joy and milestones in fostering a positive workplace culture. With her dedication to supporting Diversity Resources’ mission, CieCie plays an integral part in empowering organizations to embrace diversity for greater success.

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