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Canada Diversity Calendar 2024

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Calendar
Canada Diversity Calendar 2024

A Canada diversity calendar 2024 is a vital resource in the ongoing conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) this year. As the DEI conversation continues to evolve, it’s clear that while significant progress has been made in creating inclusive workspaces, there is always more work we can do. A peaceful society is dependent on these important initiatives.

Organizations continue to work diligently on creating efficient DEI programs that ensure their staff feel valued and understood.  An important part of this effort this year is having a Canadian diversity calendar 2024 to learn about important diversity days, religious holidays, high holy days, and heritage or awareness months. By being aware of these important dates, organizations can schedule events and meetings in a way that respects and acknowledges the diverse needs of their employee.

Below is a sample of events from our comprehensive year-long diversity calendar for 2024, which includes heritage months, monthly diversity themes, and other important events on our Canada multicultural calendar 2024.

Please note that what you see below is just a small sampling of the diversity events featured on our Canada DEI calendar 2024. To enjoy all 1,000+ events and educational tools, subscribe to our Canada Diversity Calendar Suite.

Canada DEI Calendar 2024

National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack & Action Against Islamophobia – January 29

This event commemorates the tragic 2017 event at a Quebec City mosque, where six people were lost their lives and 19 others were seriously injured. This day is a call to stand against Islamophobia across the world.

Pink Triangle Day – February 14

This day is dedicated to honoring the history of the LGBTQ+ community, remembering those who were persecuted during the Nazi regime. It’s also a celebration of the rights and freedoms of the community today.

National Flag of Canada Day – February 15

This day commemorates the adoption of the red and white maple leaf flag in 1965. The Canadian flag is a symbol of national pride and patriotism.

Heritage Day – February 19

Celebrating the diverse heritages of Nova Scotia, this day highlights the large variety of different ethnicities which add to the cultural richness of Canada.

National Indigenous Languages Day – March 31

One in every eight Indigenous people speaks one of the 70 different Indigenous languages. This day raises awareness of these endangered languages, vital to preserving cultural heritage.

National Patriots’ Day – May 20

Also known as Journée Nationale des Patriotes, this is a statutory holiday observed in Quebec to honor the struggle for democracy and remembers the patriots who fought for the Québécois rights during the Rebellion.

Victoria Day – May 20

Today, we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. She was the United Kingdom’s monarch when Canada was first established as its own country. Parades, picnics, and fireworks are common celebrations enjoyed during this national holiday.

Canada Day – July 1

Canada Day honors the anniversary of when the Constitution Act was enacted in 1867. This helped unite the separate colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Canada as one. It’s a day for patriotism and national pride with concerts, parades, and fireworks. Celebrate Canadian culture and heritage while proudly displaying your maple leaf flag today.

Gender Equality Week – September 22 – 28

This week raises awareness about the ongoing work necessary to eradicate gender disparities and promote inclusivity throughout Canadian society.

National Truth and Reconciliation Day – September 30

This holiday remembers the Canadian Indian residential school system. It is a means to promote awareness about its impact on the Indigenous communities for over a century.

Remembrance Day – November 11

This day holds a special place in the hearts of all Canadians as it is a tribute to the men and women who have served and sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women – Dec 6

This day commemorates the murders of 14 women at Polytechnique Montréal in an act of misogyny in1989. Today, remember those who have experienced gender-based violence and those we have lost to it as well.

Explore our Canada Multicultural Calendar for More Diversity Events

On our Canada Diversity Calendar 2024, you will discover even more insightful diversity days that you can celebrate or observe throughout 2024. You can learn more about Canada Heritage and Awareness Months 2024 on our blog. We hope that you find our calendar to be educational and inspiring in your journey to foster a culture of acceptance and belonging in your workplace.

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