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Workplace Harassment Training – Videos, Online

California Harassment Training Law Compliant

Workplace Harassment – Prevention and the Law
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Video Programs (available on DVD or online)
A Real World Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Dialogue: Now You’re Talking: Dialogue Between Genders
Gender and Sexual Orientation Workplace Issues (Program 2 in the Diversity Series)
Harassment Hurts: It’s Personal
It’s Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment
Opening Lines: Exploring Harassment
Respect vs. Harassment
Sexual Harassment? Are You Serious?
You’re Making Me Uncomfortable

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Diversity Resources – we’re the diversity experts! Since 1992, Diversity Resources Inc. is your preferred partner in training and learning. With a great selection and friendly client service, you’ll discover the tools you need to achieve your training and education goals.

Workplace Harassment Training – Essential For You

With continuing changes in the California harassment training law, it’s increasingly important that your team receives training to be productive and avoid costly lawsuits. To survive and thrive in business today, your people need training in awareness and respect.

Tools – Harassment Training Videos, Online e-Learning and More

Different people learn better with different tools. At Diversity Resources, you’ll get the right tools for your training needs. Check out our selection, DVDs and streaming, from print to online, e-learning to in-person training resources.

Topics – California Harassment Training Law

At Diversity Resources, you’ll find the training information you need, including programs compliant with the California legal requirements. Call us or browse our site to discover the appropriate tools.

Individual Needs – Diverse Tools

The best tools for your people: whether you’re training top managers or entry-level employees, you’ll discover workplace harassment training videos and other tools appropriate for each learning level.

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