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Diversity Resources – we are the diversity specialists! Since 1992, Diversity Resources Inc. is your ideal partner in learning and training. Offering you a terrific selection and great customer service, you’ll find the tools you need to attain your training and education objectives working with multi culture teams.

Diversity Team Building – Essential For You

Every day our world is more diverse. With increasingly diverse teams,, it’s increasingly important for your team to receive appropriate training. To succeed in business today, your teams need training in awareness, communication, respect and more.

Tools – Diversity Team Building Exercises, Videos, Online Training

Diverse people learn better with diverse tools. At Diversity Resources, you’ll get the appropriate resources for your instructional needs. Enjoy our selection of tools for diversity team building activities, from DVDs to streaming, from print to online, e-learning to in-person training.

Diverse Topics – Multi Culture Teams

At Diversity Resources, you’ll find the training information you need, including programs on empowering people from different cultures to work together effectively. Browse our site or call us for recommendations and suggestions.

Diverse Tools for Diverse Teams

The right resources for your people: whether you’re leading top managers or entry-level employees, you’ll find diversity team building exercises
and other tools designed for each level.

Browse our site or call us (800) 682-1261

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