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Cross Cultural Activities for Children

Diversity Resources – we’re the diversity specialists! Since 1992, Diversity Resources Inc. is your ideal partner in education and learning. Offering you a great selection and friendly service, you’ll find the educational tools you need for a successful, enjoyable multicultural education program.

Multicultural Education in the Classroom – Essential For Tomorrow

Everyday our world is more diverse. So it’s increasingly important for your students to receive cultural diversity education. To be prepared for the world today, your students need education in awareness, communication, respect and more.

Tools – Multicultural Education Lessons, Videos, Books and More

Diverse students learn best with diverse tools. At Diversity Resources, you’ll get the appropriate tools for your students’ needs. Enjoy our selection of tools, from DVDs to streaming, from print to online, and lesson plans for multicultural education.

Diverse Topics – Cross Cultural Education

At Diversity Resources, you’ll find the training information you need, including programs on empowering students from different cultures to work together effectively. Browse our site or call us for recommendations and suggestions.

Diverse Tools for Diverse Students

The right resources for your students: whatever the age and educational level, you’ll find multicultural education activities and tools matched to their needs.

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