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Diversity Resources – we’re the diversity specialists – it’s all we do! Since 1992, Diversity Resources Inc. has been your partner in training and learning. With a broad selection and friendly service, we’ll ensure you’ll find the resources you need to exceed your training and education objectives.

Disability Awareness Training – Essential For Your Success

From the workplace to the classroom, it’s increasingly important that your people know how to interact with those who are disabled. To succeed today, your people need training to be aware, sensitive and respectful.

Tools – Disability Awareness Programs and

Different people have different learning styles. To serve you, you’ll find the ideal tools for your needs. Browse our selection, from online to printed, DVDs to streaming, e-learning to classroom training resources.

Topics– Disability Awareness Exercises

At Diversity Resources, you’ll find the disability topics you need. Call us or browse our site to find resources on every diversity subject.

Individual Needs – Disability Awareness Activity

The right tools for your people: whether you’re guiding top executives or beginning students, you’ll find the right resources for your people’s skill level.

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